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Black Anchor Tattoo

Tattooing is easy to do badly, difficult to do well.


The personal experience of the tattooist is of enormous importance  if the highest of standards are to be maintained.


Unlimited earning potential, work as much or as little as you like and set your own schedule. Both space is flat monthly rent, NO percentages are taken. Inquire about details. No Addicts, Users, Abusers, Hipsters, Anti-Gunners,  Rock Stars or Drama Queens need to inquire.

About Us

Heldfast In Tradition

Established in 2006 by KeelHauled Mike and Krooked Ken, Black Anchor Tattoo is the first Tattoo Parlor in Caroline County, Maryland to offer sanitary modern electric tattooing. After tattooing up and down the East Coast for the last 15 years, Black Anchor was established to provide a home base to offer our services. At Black Anchor Tattoo we are all seasoned professionals, you will not be left to the bad misfortune of unknowingly being tattooed by an apprentice or unskilled tattooist. We choose to pursue our profession with intelligence and skill, wishing not to offend anyone. We are known Worldwide for our Coleman Style of Tattooing so please understand if we choose not to do your design. Brilliant ideas don't always make great Tattoos!

We are located in the center of historic Denton, the County Seat, on Market St. and easily accessible from all over the Eastern Shore as well as a short ride from the Bay Bridge. Walk-ins and appointments welcome. We have 1000's of designs to look through for ideas or you can bring in your own. The majority of our work is custom, so if you need something designed for you we can help you out. Please feel free to contact us with any questions either by E-Mail or by phone at (410)479-9316.

Black Anchor Tattoo is dedicated to preserving the stories, spirit, images, myths & truths, and everything else to do with American tattooing from its beginnings in the late 19th century, up to its widespread, present state. Our mission is to educate the public about the history of electric tattooing in America. We also have an ever changing display of vintage and historic tattoo memorabilia, everything from actual equipment, letters, and photographs

Meet Our Team


Krooked Ken

Krooked Ken specializes in the traditional Coleman Style of tattooing providing tattoos of yesteryears today. With heavy black shading and bold solid color these are the tattoos that will last a lifetime, the way tattoos were meant to be. A Tattooer since 1994 Kens works have been published many times in International publications and has won numerous awards for his tattooing. Krooked Ken remains one of the most sought after traditional tattooers in the world.

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Pat James

Pat is a well rounded tattooer  who comes from custom and street shops I need Lower Delaware and Western Maryland. Always looking grow his skills and challenge himself to put on solid tattoos that last a lifetime.

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